Feedback and Assessment

In my courses, I tend to use different types of assessment (both formative and summative) and feedback. For example, I have students turn in pieces of final projects throughout the semester for early feedback/review, but I also give quizzes throughout the semester to ensure that students are listening to what I am saying and reading what they are assigned. I try to give feedback in various ways depending on the assignment: I provide written comments on assignments, I meet with groups/students individually to review things more in depth and I simply grade certain things right/wrong. I’ve never really thought about what drives the choices I make in this area, other than that I want to ensure that students are grasping the material which is why I grade particular things right/wrong but then I also want to help them learn and encourage them to think differently about things which is why I like to meet with them one-on-one to review things they’ve turned in. I think a combination of types of assessment and feedback is important because they compliment each other and encourage students to pay attention but then also think about the material on a deeper level. As a newer professor, I definitely struggle with assessment and feedback in certain areas, but I change things every semester based on what I notice, what students say and discussions I have with my colleagues.


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