Finding Resources


My inventory of resources seems to grow daily…from training presentations put together by colleagues to OMB webinars to resources shared by generous universities  and the list goes on. Stanford University does a great job of organizing their resources for researchers, and I always get ideas from visiting their web page.  Virginia Tech has an free online class to help those preparing for their CRA (a research administration certification) that they open  up to other universities.  It’s similar in format to OLE and addresses a different major topic each week in a webinar with a folder of presentations and materials.   It’s great because in addition to the resources, you have the presenters and attendees to go to with questions and to get more information.

Searching, bookmarking, and subscribing to updates and blogs are all strategies that have worked for me.  There was a recent issuance of new federal regulations which superseded the previous set of regulations pertaining to the management of federal grants. Referring to the original and complete code on the OMB web page is a necessity. Although, seeing how others present the information to their research community can really help as well.

Staying up to date with presentation techniques strengthens the ways in which to use all the fabulous resources that you’ve gathered and bookmarked.  One thing that I’ve learned from OLE…the tools available are pretty quickly learned and can widen the variety of styles for presenting material and organize resources.

While I have by no means mastered them all, I do have a Flickr account and have figured out how to add some media to my blog (notice the random pictures…well, the bookmarks aren’t supposed to be random but I’m not so sure about how the spring flowers tie into this post).

Overall, I agree that searching for resources is overwhelming!  Onward to video making (am running a little behind in my OLE assignments)…

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