Finding Resources Blog (Week Four OLE-16)

Here are I am one week late trying to write a blog on Week-Four finding resources.  I have been searching and discovering new resources and figuring out ways to incorporate them in my existing course materials.  I have to admit that there is so much information and technology out there that makes this task daunting and overwhelming.  I often caught myself wandering in the nuances and extremities of the things that I was exploring and it was almost impossible to keep myself on track of what I needed to accomplish and that was writing this blog.  So let’s get into it!

Flicker:  Created a Flicker account and looked at all the amazing photos and the possibilities of storing, organizing and sharing these resources was very promising if I could only figure out how to utilized some of these features into things we already do in some of the assignments such as cultural selfies?  Needless to say that I have spent significant amount of time experimenting with Flicker features such as The Commons, Camera Roll, World Map and Flicker Blog.

Creative Commons makes it easy to access and download photos and images without having to worry for the most part about copyright violations or concerns.  Here is an example of a Syrian refugee photo from Creative Commons and a video that explains the Civil War in Syria found on You Tube Education.

Finding Resources Blog (Week Four OLE-16)

I found a video by using Advanced Google Search that can be easily incorporated in a lecture I gave about using ISIS or ISIL.  Now my students can easily understand the label and why is it important to underscore the difference as well as the significance in using the term ISIS or ISIL.http://Video

YouTube Education Materials:   I was amazed how quickly I found numerous short videos that provided a very informative albeit brief  explanation of an extremely complex subject such as Syria’s Civil War and the influx of Syrian Refugees in Europe.

Here is one video:

Videos,  Ted Talks and TedEd:  On the fifth anniversary of the Arab Spring and how to use social media for change here is a great resource that I plan to make it available to my students.

http://Let’s design social media that drives real change | Wael Ghonim