Hack Your Syllabus ★★★★

The Make

This make involves changing the presentation of your syllabus (not so much the content).  It’s easy to forget that your syllabus is usually a student’s first impression of your class. That “first impression” is even more important in an online environment. It’s important to be neat and clear but the syllabus can also embody both your personality and the essential elements of the course.

Take a look at some examples of creative syllabi used by instructors:


  1. Try your hand at remaking at least a part of your syllabus–or go for the whole thing!  Remember that in an online course, the syllabus can incorporate images, audio, video, gifs, and anything else you think might be helpful to build student interest and communicate your intent.
  2. Share your tentative syllabus remake in a blog post and explain what you’ve done and why.  Is there something you’d like to do but didn’t know how?  Note that too.

To get your responses to the right place make sure you’ve tagged your blog post- HackYourSyllabus (Notice it’s a tag, not a category).


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