Put a Face to a Name ★★


The Make

One concern around online learning is that it is impersonal. We don’t want to be just nameless, faceless “eggs.” One way to overcome this is to take advantage of the ability to customize tools so that they better represent you. One of these options is Gravatar. (An “avatar” is an image that represents a person; “gravatar” is a “globally recognized avatar.”)  It allows you to have one picture that represents you across a variety of sites including Twitter and WordPress


Your “Make” exercise is to set up a profile on Gravatar using the same email address you used for http://rampages.us.

  • At  https://en.gravatar.com/, you will be prompted to login to with your WordPress account before you can associate an image to your email address. Instructions on signing up for a Gravatar account can be found at https://en.gravatar.com/support/how-to-sign-up/.
  • Let everyone know about your new consistent face on the Internet using the hashtags #vcuole #makegravatar.

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  1. This is only for good luck! Adult Learning/HRD is a great way for corporate and education folks to interact. You can learning something everyday! Training employees to be better stewards and leaders is imperative for survival!

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