Riddikulus [Meme]★


The Make

In Harry Potter the “Riddikulus” spell was used to transform something frightening into something ridiculous. While we aren’t actually frightened of anything in online learning, it can be a place that raises concerns.


Take a concern you have about online learning and make it into a ridiculous meme-style image. Use whatever tool you’re comfortable with but you might find a meme generator site let’s you create these images quickly and easily. Share your image on Twitter with the #vcuole and #makememe hashtags, so we’ll know you’ve done it.

Estimated weight: ★

Created by ALT Lab


8 thoughts on “Riddikulus [Meme]★

  1. Okay, I know I’m slow but I DID do the meme on time and it’s showing up on my Twitter page, but not here, above. So….what did I omit or do wrong??? – Julinda

  2. Paula, your tweeted meme may not be showing up for the same reason Tom mentioned above. If that’s not the case then perhaps it’s not showing up because your twitter account is new, twitter thinks it’s a spambot. I’ll retweet it for you 🙂

  3. Thanks, Stan. I did check my privacy settings and it was set to public. A spambot, eh? My second tweet and I’m already under suspicion!

    1. Many times only have a few tweets is what makes you suspicious. Everyone is guilty until proven otherwise in the world of Twitter.

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