Searching for Materials

Wow, I’m really behind in posting for the OLE. A minor setback of pneumonia will do that…and I’m back to work full steam now.

I recently found out that I’m going to be teaching a distance ed social justice class in the summer for foundation MSW students. I’m really excited about the opportunity to teach this class; social justice is one of my passions and why I chose social work to begin with. When thinking about the materials I already had for this class, here was my inventory…   …absolutely nothing. Well that’s not entirely true. I have a syllabus from the last professor who taught it during the summer, so that’s a starting point!

But interactive materials are non-existent, so I was excited to create my own! I spent a lot of time looking up new materials and collected them in Diigo here (this is not all of them, but ones I found particularly interesting to share).

I’m finding that some of the resources I want to use are unavailable, so I met with another professor who taught the course and she gave me some good suggestions on how to email the librarian for our program to ask to get access to those resources.

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