Searching For More

The class I will be teaching online has only been taught face-to-face in the past, so while I have a lot of resources, I feel like there are definitely some tools I am lacking for making it a successful online course. After looking over my media spreadsheet, I felt that I was really lacking some sort of interactive tool (I want to make sure that this is not a passive experience for my students) so I started my search by just putting in interactive online courses. While this pulled up a few interesting things, including these tips for developing a successful online learning strategy, I still didn’t feel like I was finding exactly what I was searching for. I thought using some of the Google search tips provided (which I’ve known about but always seem to forget to use) would help make my search a little more specific. So I tried using quotes and + and a few other things, and quickly found things more relevant. This great list of 20 free (and apparently fun) online tools for interactive classroom collaboration is a great resource. I also liked this list of presentation tools because I’ve always used Google Hangout and PowerPoint/Prezi for online lectures, which I think can work fine but I know there is something better and more engaging out there. After checking out a few of these tools, I really like the idea of using or something similar.

It was great to see that there are already so many helpful tools out there that I can utilize but it’s almost overwhelming trying to decide which ones are the best and how many to use. I don’t want to overwhelm myself or my students by using too many platforms at one time just because they are available so I definitely need to find the right balance between boring them and inundating them.

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