So long, and goodnight!

Well, I was definitely reminded today that I still have SO MUCH to learn!  I made a short video with the highlights of my time in OLE, but it was too large to post here.  I am unsure what the best option is, so I uploaded it, and you can see my reflections here.

Yes, that about sums it all up.  My eyes were opened up to many possibilities for my class–video conferencing, changing the syllabus, creative assessments, engaging discussions, better searches for material, creating better material, and just generally thinking outside the box previously created for my class.  I learned a tremendous amount, but I am obviously  still very green.  This is exciting to me though, not discouraging, because I can’t wait to see what else is out there now that I know the basics.

Just given the short reflections we did last week on our current assessments, I am certain that my first online course will not be perfect and will need revising.  But as I was reminded by both Tom and David, we should continually reevaluate how/what we teach to continue improving our courses and changing with the times and student needs.  I am eager to do this for my ground classes as well.

I said it in my video, and I will say it again: take the time to explore the options! You may be surprised by something (Twitter) and you will definitely find great things that work.  The sky is the limit now!  Again, thank you to everyone that took time to give me feedback and encouragement.   Any advice and/or suggestions are always welcome!  Thank you for a stimulating, educational, and enjoyable class!


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