The objective is learning

Were the course goals information-centric or did they highlight life-long learning skills?

Teaching crisis communication is different than a lot of other classes that can be very tactical. In my opinion, crisis communication courses naturally provide more life-long learning skills for public relations majors than other classes that we teach. However, with this being said, all of the syllabi were pretty much exactly the same and the included a combination of information-centric and life-long learning skills.

Will students be encouraged to apply new knowledge and skills to topics that interest them, allowing for variation? Or are all the learning objectives pre-defined and uniform for all students?

There seemed to be slight variation, in that students would be allowed to review crisis situations of their choice, but overall the learning objectives were pre-defined.

Do you think students would find these goals clear and engaging? (Why or why not?)

I think the goals are clear; however, I think that only some students would find them engaging. Some of the learning objectives are things that students could just figure out on their own from reading the textbook.

How did/will these goals compare with your own course goals? Are there things you might want to adopt (or avoid!) from these for your own course?

Right now these course goals are almost exactly like what I used last time I taught the course because I pretty much used what was handed to me, as it was my first semester teaching. I didn’t really think too much about the objectives or what they meant to students because I never really thought students paid much attention to the syllabi unless it was to review the attendance policy, grading scale or course calendar. Something that I learned from the readings this week, however, is that the objectives are not just for the students, they are also for the professor and can help guide how the course is taught. In general for all of my classes, I plan to focus more on my syllabi moving forward.

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