Week 3 Assignment (catching up)

Ok, so I missed this assignment back in Week 3. Writing about course goals. Course goals are something I spend a lot of free time thinking about, so this particular week wasn’t something I was thrilled about, although it was still helpful.

I did find some useful information in the syllabi that I collected, although, to be honest, most of it was reaffirming in that I seem to be using a lot of the same materials, methods, and approaches as my colleagues across the country. Most of the course goals in these syllabi were course related and didn’t seem to be dealing with life-long learning (at least on the surface), but I’m sure many teachers are concerned with that even if their syllabi do not directly reference it.

I really struggle with coming up with course objectives / feedback / assessment that related to individual student strengths. I know some students are stronger visual learners, some are more text-based, and many need hands-on experiments to learn. I’m not sure that any of the objectives I have listed exclude any of those learners, but they are probably more directed at people who learn like I do – by reading.

Since I teach music, I do think I have the unique benefit of teaching a subject that almost everyone can relate to and enjoys. I think broad course goals like learning how to listen critically are exciting to most students, although I’m not sure they know what that means necessarily…. I do try to use current musical examples, and I ask the students to bring in or submit their own musical preferences when talking about generalities of music so they are more engaged.