Week 4: Finding Resources

Ok, so it’s been a while. I’m working on catching up on my OLE work, and am just now getting to the “finding resources” assignments. I’m not sure how common this is, but in my case, the online class I am developing is a scaled-down version of a class I currently offer for music majors only. Finding course content is generally not a problem since I already teach a more rigorous version of this course. The issue I will probably run into for this class is finding content that helps explain the course concepts about music to people who have little or no vocabulary for listening to, talking, or writing about music. General concepts like melody, harmony, form, genre, style, etc. that I take for granted with my music majors may not be easily understood by non-musicians. So, I am currently looking for general music references (something I have not had to look for before). The more I use Diigo, the more I appreciate what it does. I am working on moving all of my bookmarks over to Diigo to use permanently. Additionally, the Google advanced search has proved very useful, as I’ve found several PPT presentations related to general world music topics, including two from the University of Texas and Missouri. Those have been helpful just in seeing how others are approaching some of these ideas. From my own collection, and from the previous semesters I’ve spent teaching World Musical Styles, I have a substantial collection of articles, audio files, and video to share with the students – those resources I generally feel that I have under control. I’m interested in developing more interactive assignments, though, rather than just a “listen to (or watch) this clip and respond to the prompts”. When I met with David this week, he suggested an assignment that could possibly have the students creating their own music, so I am going to continue to search for resources around that topic.