The Weekly Web Workshops (WWW) program is a semester-long threaded series of hands-on, minds-on workshops about online learning for VCU faculty and staff.

The 12 workshops are divided into four distinct threads:

  • Online course design / development basics
  • Online learning platforms (Blackboard, Google, and WordPress)
  • Media for online courses (faculty and student-created)
  • Tools for teaching online

Those threads are color-coded on the schedule, and they are being offered on the Monroe Park campus as well as the medical campus.

VCU faculty and staff are welcome to attend any number of workshops. Attending any one workshop is a good start. Attending the 3 workshops that comprise a thread is also a great strategy and only requires a one hour per month commitment. We will work with any department that wishes to recognize those who participate in 8 or more sessions.

If you’re interested, please register now!