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Funny Photo Project Leads to Thoughtvectors

Bud and Mathew Brady

Photographs of Bud with famous bearded men () started as a crazy idea while thinking about selfie’s. I thought I’d have a bit of fun sharing my bearded image alongside the image of other famous bearded people. Then,I quickly realized that the people I have selected are people who impact my life and I believe the lives of many in ways that we do not know. So this simple project is leading me on a series of thoughtvectors, to think more deeply about each of the individuals I choose, their connection to my own life and the development of my own thinking.

I know a bit about Mathew Brady, but I was shocked to know that his fame did not lead to fortune and that he sadly died a pauper. Learn more about Mathew Brady.

@jbecker also commented on my activity and how it relates to Tumblr culture.