Rules and Regulations



    1. Each Health Sciences school can have up to two teams representing the school. Teams do not have to be equally comprised of students and faculty.
    2. Each team must be registered with the Office of Student Experience by the deadline Friday, April 3 at 5 p.m.  All registrations must include a team name,team captain and the names and positions (i.e., student or faculty) of each player.
    3. The tournament will be played in the Cary Street Gym on Friday, April 17 beginning at 6 p.m.
    4. Additional tournament information can be found here.




    1. Team rosters are limited to a minimum of six and a maximum of 10 players per teamand must be comprised of at least 2 staff or faculty members of that school/college.
    2. All participants must be listed on the team roster.  Roster changes can be made up tothe morning of the tournament as long as the roster does not exceed 10 players andthere are at least 2 staff or faculty members.  No participant may play on more than oneteam.
    3. Each player must wear appropriate apparel and non-marking athletic footwear.
    4. Any bleeding must be stopped and cleaned up before a participant can re-enter the contest.
    5. All visible jewelry, watches, and bracelets must be removed prior to participation.






    1. The order of play will be based on team seeds as described below in bracket play.
    2. Teams that receive a bye for a particular round will not play in that round but will play the winner of that round.
    3. Each team will be allowed one timeout of 30 seconds per game.
    4. All games will be officiated by VCU Women’s Volleyball Teamplayers.  These officials will keep track of the score.  All calls are final.
      1. All players must respect the efforts of officials during the contest.
      2. Officials will have the authority to remove players from a game orthe tournament for any reason she deems necessary.




    1. Teams must have six players on the court at any given time.
    2. Teams do not have to have an equal number of faculty/staff on the court as students, but all staff or faculty team members must join in at least 50% of game play. All teams must have an equal number of students andfaculty on the court at any given time.
    3. Substitutions must happen at the same position on the floor during a side-out (rotation).  It is up to the team to decide who subs in/out and in whatorder.
    4. All players must play in all six positions on the court (no back rowspecialists).
    5. The server may serve from anywhere behind the end line.
    6. Let serves are legal.
    7. Players may set the serve but may not block or attack the serve.
    8. The ceiling and lights are in play on your side of the court.
    9. If the ball hits anything other than the net while going over the net it is considered out.
    10. Other than the above exceptions, official NCAA rules will be followed.




      1. The tournament will accommodate up to two teams per school. All teams are guaranteed at least two games of play.
      2. Based on pool play ranking, teams will be seeded in a single elimination tournament, but a consolation bracket will also exist for those that do not advance beyond the Qualifying Round. Seeding of teams in the Quarterfinal Round will be based on the final standing of each school in last year’s tournament bracket.




      1. The first set of games to be played will be the Qualifying Round. For schools that have two teams registered, this round will determine which team will represent the school in the Quarterfinal Round. In the event that a school has only one team registered, that team will not play and will continue to the Quarterfinal Round in their pre-selected seed.





      1. The second set of games will be played in a predetermined seed format with teams that have won in the Qualifying Round.
      2. Each game will be played to 25 points.
      3. All teams that are eliminated from the Qualifying Round will have the opportunity to play in a Consolation Bracket that is seeded randomly.





      1. The third set of games will be played in a predetermined seed format with teams that have won in the Qualifying Round.
      2. Each game will be played to 25 points.





      1. The final set of games will be played in a match between the two teams that have advanced from the Semi-Finals Bracket.
      2. Each game will be played to 25 points.