Still working

SO inquiry project. Dr.C made it seem kinda like fun. I gotta say, I was kinda excited for it at first. Now, not so much. I’m having trouble finding exactly what to say/write and this 2,500 word count is not helping. As the due date creeps closer, the closer I get to having a break down. On top of the inquiry project I have a … Continue reading Still working

Same article, new nugget

“One young girl, who had never programmed before, decided that a pointing device ought to let her draw on the screen. She then built a sketching tool without ever seeing ours (displayed in Figure 26.20). She constantly embellished it with new features including a menu for brushes selected by pointing. ” I got this nugget from Kay and Goldberg’s Personal Dynamic Media. Since I am … Continue reading Same article, new nugget

Investigator Conversation (Synthesis)

(Sidenote: I have slightly altered my topic based on the research/nuggets I’ve found. It is now: the integration of  tablets into school curriculums and its impact.)   Kay and Goldberg and the Dynabook: “The interactive nature of the dialogue, the fact that they are in control, the feeling that they are doing real things rather than playing with toys or working out “assigned” problems, the … Continue reading Investigator Conversation (Synthesis)

Evolution of Tablets

“In 1983 Apple designed a tablet called “Bashful,” in reference to the dwarf in the fairy tale Snow White.  The prototype included add-ons, like a keyboard, stylus, floppy drive, phone and handheld carry-case. ” Before this paragraph, the author alludes to Kay and Goldberg’s Dynabook from 1968. However, I decided to use this paragraph as my nugget because it gave me some new information. Now, … Continue reading Evolution of Tablets

Finalizing My Dream

I was planning on looking at all forms of technology for my final inquiry project. However, after dissecting the writings of four new media dreamers (and comments from Dr. C), I have realized that I can’t simply say ‘all forms of technology.’ I need to focus on one specific technological device. I really enjoyed Kay and Goldberg’s Dynabook, which is pretty much the very first … Continue reading Finalizing My Dream

Mapping my Dreamers

I decided to look at Kay and Goldberg’s “Personal Media Dynamic,” Ted Nelson’s “Computer Lab” and Doug Engelbart’s “Augmenting Human Intellect.” Between the three, the MAIN theme was technology. Engelbart refers to technology as “artifacts,” Nelson refers to computers, and Kay and Goldberg look at the Dynabook (their creation).   Kay and Goldberg: “We envision a device as small and portable as possible which could both … Continue reading Mapping my Dreamers