Positive Changes

It is unbelievable that the semester is coming to a close; which means this class is almost over.  I have accumulated so much information from this class and I’ve applied it to my everyday life.  A lot of the topics relate or coincide with each other such as mindfulness and campus resources.  We touched the topic of mindfulness and how it can put you in the present moment when your thinking about the future. VCU campus resources play a key role in mindfulness, because they offer another outlet or resource as an release for students.  I have gained an abundant amount of information that has helped me cope with college life. Mindfulness truly helped me with my school work and my personal life. I practice mindfulness so I won’t become so overwhelmed with school and organization meetings. I have been making positive changes in my life since this class. I plan on keeping these changes in my life and building upon them. I plan to keep mindfulness as apart of my everyday life habits and trying to be more healthy.  I am looking forward to see what else is going to happen in this class in the next month.

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