Live from da Oyster Reef

Another week finds me stuck in just about the same situation I was in last week. But not exactly the same – I can at least throw a new word at it that I borrowed from a guest speaker I listened to on Tuesday: al-wad.

“The situation!” So many possibilities for this idea. The speaker claimed that the way he used it was “queering” the word, a process I don’t entirely understand, but the value I immediately saw in it was more for its picture of life in total, of everyone’s life. We can pretend to be going somewhere, or doing something, but really when it comes down to it everything is al-wad. Lebanese in Beirut, queer people in the Middle East (both the main topics of the lecture), and college students at VCU all have to contend with the situation.

Let me fill you in on the situation in the oyster reef. In the past 100 hundred years, the population of Crassostrea virginica in the Chespeake Bay has declined catastrophically due to severe overfishing, eutrophication, and perennial outbreaks of the diseases Dermo and MSX.

Let me fill you in on the situation in my Brandt dorm here at VCU. There’s clutter on my desk, I need to do my laundry, and the floor is getting dirty. I’ve come to a point where I have exactly enough energy every day to do my homework and stay afloat, and none left to write, to make music, to get better at skating, to make new friends, or to attack the Jakobson, Melville, Pound, and Naipaul who are terrorizing my backlog. On the flip side, I got to read some Donne (who I’ve been a fan of) and Lanyer (who I’ve become a fan of).

Maybe next week, the situation will be different?

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I very much sympathize with and understand having JUST enough energy to get homework done and attend class. This week especially, I’ve felt very drained and like I can’t stay afloat. The cold weather definitely makes me lack motivation, and rainy days leave me feeling like all I want to do is sleep. Here’s to hoping that next week is better for us:)

I definitely think that this point in the semester (especially this year) is the worst. You’re just trying to finish up and not fail your classes. I think to kinda help with this, I try and make my surroundings feel like new. Ill rearrange my desk or my room, or hop to a secondhand store and find some new decor. You need a burst of energy to do it, but I always feel a little more motivated after I do.

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