Week 15 :D

Looking into the next chapter, chapter 8, it is able to explain the presence and absence of wealth. Also looking at the domino effects that are to come with those two things. It also is able to go along with chapter 7, that being the access to opportunities. The presence of wealth is able to have the ability to access the American Dream. This can be seen as an end all. Also being a reduction of some of the risks that African Americans are seen facing with in their families. Looking at the absence of wealth on the other hand can then result in some families living on the outer margins of their economy. Them also being on welfare assistance. Looking into how these things can be possible they start with describing the income as some money is earned by performing work or also a service. Looking at it typically income is seen as being expressing within annual terms, usually known as well-known figure. Most blue collar professions are usually measuring or defining their income in hourly terms. Whereas some of those working white collar professions tend to use their monthly salary. Though it is important for us to know that wealth and income are not seen as being the same. The author is able to define wealth as if it is total value of one’s assets minus the accumulation of one’s debts. Net worth on the other hand refers to assets such as property, homes, stock, and also investments. Though savings minus all debts. Now looking at it, it happens to be in comparison to income does not usually get known. Though if anything would require consulting between several documents or also looking with financial professionals.
Next let’s turn and look at occupation segregation is happens to still be showing it is after affects with the disparities which can be caused from income. It happens to be directly correlated to blocking access, the inability to be able to establish legacies, and also discrimination and inadequate preparation. Looking at some examples on average African Americans are still only earning about 62% of what the white counterparts happen to be earning. Looking at it one of the main issues with the way wealth happened to previously be measured is that most of the research happened to be focus on the poor. Within social science wealth disparities were not found or considered. African American happen to be twice as likely to be poor then some of the other racial groups. The whites though are more likely to be affluent, more than three times. They tend to earn more than $100,000 a year than the African Americans. There tends to be more African Americans in white collar profession jobs than ever before. Looking at wage and occupation segregations, we have to understand overall the effects on the accumulation of wealth. Whites happened to be congregated within higher earning occupations where the African Americans are congregated in the lower earning occupations. Looking though the social class is and will always be stratified by race.
From all of this is able to get two main conceptual differences. The first one being that the after math of slavery and also the Jim crow laws. Showing that whites have been able to establish themselves in professions and also with the accumulation of wealth over several hundred years. The second one being the differences of those who are working for a living and also those that are living off of some type of inheritances. Though African Americans happened to be the ones who are more likely to have come from a lower or middle class background. Them having to personally invest more in preparing for entry into their profession.
Looking into the American dream it happens to be a simple idea that working hard will get you the best of everything for your life. There happens to be four key components. They happened to be home ownership, affording high quality childcare, and also being able to afford higher education for your children and health insurance. These also happened to be know as the four H’s.

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