Week 2: Technology and Culture

Man created their own reality, as we all experience life differently. No one will ever understand someone else’s struggles even if they claim to understand.  There are many factors to how our lives unfold but it is all determined from ourselves. Culture can influence our lives because us humans all try to follow the “norms”. Our beliefs are based off what we were taught which is what formed a society’s culture. We have so many different cultures because every area of the world is different, with different religions, types of people, or technology advancement. Society has taken a huge toll on the growth of self individuality on everybody. It has sucked in everyone to think the same, act the same, and even talk the same. There is rarely any originality and uniqueness in today’s world. We are all the same popularity and fame chasers, as dreaming big now means what can get you the most money. The saying “money can’t buy happiness” has become something that is false in today’s society. The advancement of technology has saved and ruined the world.

It has saved the world, because it has found the cures to many illnesses and diseases, but it has destroyed our world as well as we are forgetting about the importance of our planet and more about the use of a phone. The young generation sit on their electrical devices,  learning how to entertain themselves with a touch of their fingertips. They no longer go outside and learn the games their parents used to play and and let their creativities flow. Instead they rely on technology to teach them, instead of what their parent’s and ancestors teach them. Culture is passed down by ancestors, as we share it to one another so that others can learn. However, technology has now become the major role in society, as the use of media affects people’s initial thoughts and impressions on culture based topics. What we see is being portrayed and how we think things is all because of how society shapes and “want” us to think.

Man can create their own reality but it’s all up to society to decide whether it’s controversial or not. The flaw is that us humans, go around claiming one thing is right over the other, but there is no actual way for us to say that because everything started as a thought. Science can tell us that we as humans are the same under our skin no matter who we are or what we believe in.  However, innovations affects our thoughts and perceptions.

Week 1: The City and The City Response

I’m not a huge fan of reading so I was quite bummed out when I was told that the class needed to read a book over the break. I wanted to just relax and get away from anything school related. However, I found myself picking up the book out of curiosity when I was bored at home doing nothing. I must admit, I tried to read the book at a much faster pace then usual because I wanted to get it over with, so there are places and details where I am not completely confident about or able to remember. Rereading this book will be my chance to fully understand the real meaning behind Mieville’s text.

As soon as the novel started, I was caught off guard as Borlu started talking about a dead woman. I usually, never read books unless it is required or I have a lot of free time, but this is the first book I have ever read that involved murder. It was kinda like a breath of fresh air as it was a completely different genre of book I would normally read. Having that said, the book was very intriguing and interesting from the first chapter. As the story continued, I noticed the way Mieville added bits and phrases of words after saying something, that felt as if we were reading his thoughts. It made me feel like I was being told the story straight from himself. That was one thing I really enjoyed from this novel.  Another thing I really liked was the storyline and all the twists and turns Mieville added. The timeline of everything happening fitted in perfectly, where there was never really a time where the novel got boring,

However, the one of the main things I did not like about this novel is that I had to reread sentences and paragraphs over and over again due to be confused by Mieville word use. He uses very interesting word choices that makes the whole story confusing and most times not make sense when you first read it. I feel like that was the main reason the book was a bit unenjoyable to read. Another reason is that there were many characters incorporated in this novel, that led me to be confused with names and whose who. Overall, this novel was very interesting and enjoyable to read most of the time. I also felt as if it was  somewhat realistic. I believe that in a world like today, this sort of situation could happen anytime. I feel like Mieville has some sort of deeper meaning behind the over all story he is trying to get his readers to catch. Like relating to the hate in the world and how it has caused the separation of people from it.