Week 7: Happiness

I never really knew how much the sun affected my moods until my friends told me. Being out in the sun has always been something I love to do regardless of the weather. It is something that brings out the best in me, where I’m just so content. That’s one reason why I love windows, because when the sun peeps in, everything is just so calm and perfect. I didn’t realize how down and tired I got just because the weather was gloomy. I always want the sun to be out because the atmosphere around is just so much more livelier and upbeat. Everyone is outside enjoying the sunlight and just having a good time. Seeing that just brings a smile to my face because everyone around me is so happy.

That is one thing I learned about VCU. How when the weather is nice out, everyone sits outside at the park and just everywhere you go. It really makes the campus look so nice and exciting. There was a tweet on twitter that said VCU’s campus looks like PCA from Zoey 101 when the weather is nice, and I think that is so true. PCA was like my dream school when I was younger, because it was such nice, sunny weather everyday and all the students looked like they were having fun. As spring is getting closer, I get so excited just thinking about all the things to do in Richmond when it’s nice outside. That’s one of the benefits we get as we live in city. We can walk endlessly and see all the shops and murals painted on the side of buildings.

I’m super excited to explore Richmond as time goes on. As of now, Carytown is by far one of my favorite places. It’s such a beautiful, cute area where there’s tons of shops and things to see. Especially when it’s warm and sunny, that’s when all the street performers and flower carts come out. I can’t wait to explore more of Richmond as the weather is starting to change. I think we all need a break from winter and just go straight into nice, sunny weather. This winter was probably one of the most roughest times for me, and most people, but I’m thankful for it as well because I was able to learn and grow from it. I think being able to live in a place like this is such a lucky charm for me, because it allows me to grow on my own and adventure out.

Week 6: “Vacation”

As crazy as it sounds, I have never been on a plane before in my life. I’m about to be on one in about 2 weeks and I can already feel the million butterflies fluttering in my stomach. I have never really been out of Virginia, other than driving up to New York and driving 14 hours down to Florida. However, other than that, I’ve been stuck in plain Virginia all my life.

I have traditional, foreign parents, so when it comes to vacations, that’s not really in their dictionary. Their definition of vacation would be like a one or two day trip over the weekend to a place where we can all just spend time as a family. I’m really appreciative of my hardworking parents, but my heart just aches whenever I see them tired. I know even if they were mentally and physically exhausted, they would still get up and go to work. I have never once in my life heard the words, “I’m taking the day off work” ever come out of my parent’s mouth. Since the day my parent’s came to America, they have never gone on an actual vacation. The last time they were on a plane was when they flew over to the United States from Korea back when they were 17. Since then, they have yet had the chance to go back and visit. Their last trip anywhere “nice” was 11 years ago, when we drove down to Florida to go to Disney World for my sister and I. Not even a place where they can really enjoy it for themselves, but for their daughters. I never realized how privileged I am to have such supportive parents, because if not for them, I wouldn’t be where I am today. This is the reason why I will try my best to become successful, so I can pay them back for everything they have done for me.

With spring break right around the corner, I am very lucky to have such amazing parents to allow me to go on a trip, especially since I’m going alone. I’ll be flying out to Colorado since my best friend lives there. We were finally able to plan out a weekend trip since our schedules never matched up. I have never been on a plane before, so the fact that I’m going to be on my first one ALONE is scaring me even more. I’m also just really afraid of planes in general, so hopefully nothing goes wrong and I don’t die! Does anyone have any tips for first time flyers? Anything would help!

Week 5: My Weekend :)

Hello! This blog is about my weekend and what I did!

Last Thursday, I got a big haircut for the first time in years. I’ve been wanting a change in my life, so I decided to cut most of it off. My hair now is not even that short but because I am not used to this length, I feel like I have a bob cut. Ever since middle school, I’ve always had long hair so cutting it refreshing and liberating. As of now, I’m getting kinda used to it, but not really. I do regret cutting my hair but I know it’s a nice change and it’ll grow back… just very slowly. ¬†Then on Friday, I went down to Virginia Tech with couple of my friends. I have been texting my best friend who goes there, as if I was sending down a package, so she should be on the look out. After the 3 hour car ride, I pretended that I got a message saying the package was outside her door and that she should go out and get it. However, instead of a package it was me! ūüôā It was so nice seeing her after not seeing her in a while. She was so surprised and tried fitting a hundred words in one sentence. She was so excited to show me around Blacksburg, and it was a completely different vibe than here.

Virginia Tech is such a beautiful school and area, but after living in Richmond, I do not think I could see myself there. Even she agreed that the vibe and atmosphere in Richmond is so much more lively and fun! However, I must admit that their dining hall is AMAZING. What our dining hall offers is incomparable to theirs. It truly feels like I’m eating at a restaurant, as each place serves different types of food. Going from steak and mashed potatoes, to burritos and pasta. It was truly the prime of my first ever visit at Tech… and seeing my best friend.

As I left Sunday morning, it was quite  bittersweet because it felt like the weekend had passed in just couple of hours, but it was nice being back in Richmond. After spending time in Blacksburg, my love for Richmond truly grew. There is just so many things to do here, and I am so excited to explore more parts of RVA and make more memories here.


Week 4: Our World

This blog is about the seriousness of how our world is crumbling and how we are putting so many animals on the brink of extinction.

About two weeks ago, as I was scrolling through my twitter feed. I came across a video that was captioned as “this is what we have come to”. As I clicked on it out of curiosity, I did not realize the impact it would leave on me. The video that left tears running down my face, was about the unforgiving mistakes us humans have done to the world. Currently, there are more than 16,300 endangered species in the world, and most of them are the animals we all knew since we were a child.

The video was an animated video that had four of the most endangered species singing a song called “Dream”. Where in the beginning it showed them living their best life, not worrying about a single thing. Then showed how the moments human entered, everything went wrong. Humans are the reason the world is dying and we never know when something really bad is going to happen. Us humans are poaching and hunting down animals just for a small part of their body to make profit out of. We are skinning animals alive to use their fur as coats, and we are killing animals like they are not living things like us humans. The earth becomes more polluted day by day, as people are treating it like it’s nothing and will somehow replace itself. Our ocean has turned from once a beautiful, open sea, into a oil pool full of plastic and trash. Our amazing sea turtles are endangered as they are consuming plastic in mistake of thinking it as food. They choke and slowly die from the mistakes humans don’t even think twice about. We are destroying the earth and it’s beautiful land and no one is realizing it.

The Arctic Ocean has melted more than 95% of its oldest ice as it has been melting at a rapid pace for the first time in over 1,500 years. This is resulting in the crazy weather we have been having. Global warming has been on the rise faster than ever because of these melting ice caps. We are experiencing weather go from 40 degrees, to 74 the next day. However, the giant polar bears that live in the Arctic are now on the brink of becoming endangered, because us humans have destroyed their homes. Animals like tigers, lions, giant pandas, blue whales, gorilla, orangutan, and so many more, are already endangered or on the brink of becoming one. All these animals were a part of our childhood as we learned about them at a young age, and never thought of anything about them disappearing. However, this is what the world has come too. In around 50-70 years, generations that will be born then, will never know what those amazing animals were. It is truly sad and disgusting that us humans treat the earth like this. I really hope the government takes action now because time is running out.

Please watch these videos, as it is truly an eye opener.

Week 3: The Story I Want to Tell

For this week’s blog, I have decided to write about the story I want to tell. This ¬†story is for those who have trouble coping with their loved ones that have passed, and to reassure them that no matter what, they will always be there with them.

On March 15th 2018, my beloved uncle passed away after a month of being diagnosed with acute liver cancer. He was a fishing loving, humorous, most humble man. I never knew the day I saw him lying weakly on his bed watching his favorite fishing show, would be the last time I saw him smile. He was man that never smoked or drank alcohol, so his cause of caner is still a mystery to me. Why does the worst things happen to the best people? He should’ve been the last person on earth to pass away with such pain. In the middle of February, is when we noticed he was a bit more tired and gloomy.¬†We all thought it was just a seasonal cold, as he kept telling us that he was okay and not worry. Until one day, his weight kept suddenly dropping, and he was just skin and bones. That’s when we rushed him to the hospital and was informed by the doctors that the tiny tumor that wouldn’t even show up on an MIT scan, ¬†has spread throughout his entire body. The only treatment was to make his last months on earth the happiest man he could be.

So as we held back our tears when we saw this once a bright, healthy, happy man be as thin and exhausted like a skeleton, still trying to make those around him happy. We did as much as we could to give him the strength so he can have the life he deserved. I knew the day he passed, that he would still always be here and watch over me, but I really never knew since I never had a love one pass away. Until one day, I had a dream where I saw a glimpse of him. I always think about him everyday, but for some reason on that day, it was as if I knew he was near me.

Later that night around 9, I took my dog out for a walk as I was bored and wanted to get some fresh air. As we started walking, I noticed the sky was full of bright stars. My uncle would always take my cousins and I for walk, and he would always choose the brightest one and say “look that one’s you”. So as I stared at the sky, I said a prayer and a message in hopes he would look over ¬†be proud of me. As I looked up and said “can you hear me”, I saw a star directly in the middle of two trees that lies in front of my path, start blinking. At first I thought it was an airplane or some sort of telephone line, but as I stared and stood there admiring its brightness. I knew that it was no airplane or telephone line, but my beloved uncle showing his sign that he’s there and listening.