Week 6: “Vacation”

As crazy as it sounds, I have never been on a plane before in my life. I’m about to be on one in about 2 weeks and I can already feel the million butterflies fluttering in my stomach. I have never really been out of Virginia, other than driving up to New York and driving 14 hours down to Florida. However, other than that, I’ve been stuck in plain Virginia all my life.

I have traditional, foreign parents, so when it comes to vacations, that’s not really in their dictionary. Their definition of vacation would be like a one or two day trip over the weekend to a place where we can all just spend time as a family. I’m really appreciative of my hardworking parents, but my heart just aches whenever I see them tired. I know even if they were mentally and physically exhausted, they would still get up and go to work. I have never once in my life heard the words, “I’m taking the day off work” ever come out of my parent’s mouth. Since the day my parent’s came to America, they have never gone on an actual vacation. The last time they were on a plane was when they flew over to the United States from Korea back when they were 17. Since then, they have yet had the chance to go back and visit. Their last trip anywhere “nice” was 11 years ago, when we drove down to Florida to go to Disney World for my sister and I. Not even a place where they can really enjoy it for themselves, but for their daughters. I never realized how privileged I am to have such supportive parents, because if not for them, I wouldn’t be where I am today. This is the reason why I will try my best to become successful, so I can pay them back for everything they have done for me.

With spring break right around the corner, I am very lucky to have such amazing parents to allow me to go on a trip, especially since I’m going alone. I’ll be flying out to Colorado since my best friend lives there. We were finally able to plan out a weekend trip since our schedules never matched up. I have never been on a plane before, so the fact that I’m going to be on my first one ALONE is scaring me even more. I’m also just really afraid of planes in general, so hopefully nothing goes wrong and I don’t die! Does anyone have any tips for first time flyers? Anything would help!

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