Week 7: Happiness

I never really knew how much the sun affected my moods until my friends told me. Being out in the sun has always been something I love to do regardless of the weather. It is something that brings out the best in me, where I’m just so content. That’s one reason why I love windows, because when the sun peeps in, everything is just so calm and perfect. I didn’t realize how down and tired I got just because the weather was gloomy. I always want the sun to be out because the atmosphere around is just so much more livelier and upbeat. Everyone is outside enjoying the sunlight and just having a good time. Seeing that just brings a smile to my face because everyone around me is so happy.

That is one thing I learned about VCU. How when the weather is nice out, everyone sits outside at the park and just everywhere you go. It really makes the campus look so nice and exciting. There was a tweet on twitter that said VCU’s campus looks like PCA from Zoey 101 when the weather is nice, and I think that is so true. PCA was like my dream school when I was younger, because it was such nice, sunny weather everyday and all the students looked like they were having fun. As spring is getting closer, I get so excited just thinking about all the things to do in Richmond when it’s nice outside. That’s one of the benefits we get as we live in city. We can walk endlessly and see all the shops and murals painted on the side of buildings.

I’m super excited to explore Richmond as time goes on. As of now, Carytown is by far one of my favorite places. It’s such a beautiful, cute area where there’s tons of shops and things to see. Especially when it’s warm and sunny, that’s when all the street performers and flower carts come out. I can’t wait to explore more of Richmond as the weather is starting to change. I think we all need a break from winter and just go straight into nice, sunny weather. This winter was probably one of the most roughest times for me, and most people, but I’m thankful for it as well because I was able to learn and grow from it. I think being able to live in a place like this is such a lucky charm for me, because it allows me to grow on my own and adventure out.

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