Week 14: Happy Me:)

This past week, I have had a total of three essays due back to back. As one of them was the biggest essay I have ever wrote, and was over seventeen pages for my human development case study. I truly thought I was going to die and my brain was going to explode, but sadly right after I finished that one, I had to start the next essay.  This past week was probably one of the most stressful weeks of my life. It is my fault for leaving these big writing pieces last minute, but it something that will never change no matter how much I try. Procrastination really takes over my life… so for this blog, instead of writing about a life lesson or advices, I thought why not just talk about some random things I like to do that makes me happy. These are all the things I like to do that allows me to take off my mind about school for a bit, or just livens up my mood.

The first thing is my addiction to my new favorite t.v. show. I have never really been a big fan of animation and cartoons, however, as I got older, I noticed that most of the things I watched and raved about are either animation or cartoon. For awhile now, I have not been watching anything on Netflix or Hulu, as there has been nothing new and good on. I’ve been just wandering on random shows to have as a background while I do something, or I would just binge watch on youtube. However, about about a couple months ago, I have found my new, ultimate, favorite show ever.  On cartoon networks the show”We Bare Bears” has been my addiction for the past couple of months… and it is quite bad. It is such a “me” show, as I like to watch things that are fun, original, and just anything that really up boosts your mood.

The next thing I really enjoy doing is uplifting and remaking some old clothes into new pieces. I have always doing hands-on crafts, so I always like creating something new out of the clothes I don’t tend to wear anymore. I must admit, I do have a shopping problem, but I always get things that aren’t too pricey, so even if it simply just cutting a shirt and doing some fixes, or bringing a torn up piece of clothing back to life, it is really something I can fully focus on and not worry about anything else. My addiction to thrift shopping is very bad… it is something that has taken over my wallet and my whole closet. However, living in a city filled with boutiques and thrift stores… I am not sure what I am going to do. I just love getting clothes from thrift stores and being able to change it to my liking without worrying about the price I paid for it.  I am super excited to explore and find new places to get more clothes for me and my closet! 🙂

Lastly, the next thing I like to do to take my mind off of school and just relax my mind is going through my old photos on my phone. Just looking back and seeing all those memories from years ago, makes me nostalgic of the days I was so care free and young. Even if some pictures are from couple of years ago, looking at it now makes me feel like it’s been ten years since then. It never fails to bring a smile across my face, and just lets me sit and relax. I think everyone should do it when they’re super stressed out, or just bored, because I can guarantee you that your mood will shoot up within seeing the first photo!


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