Who am I on the Internet?

The internet is an outlet where people can go to express the way they feel about an issue, gain inspiration, or see a different outlook about a subject. I believe that my contribution to the world wide web is somewhat significant to what others have to say or feel when interacting in cyberspace. For example, I am not very active on social media. I rarely comment on things, and if I do then it might be something small, like wishing someone a happy birthday or sharing a video of a puppy. However, I have some friends who are constantly expressing their views about political or social issues on their social media accounts, which is much more interactive than I am. After being in this class for as long as I have, I have learned how important our input and sharing of ideas is. It helps people see a different way of looking at intricate concepts and to learn how to embrace them. I would like to become more active within the internet and to participate more among my “peers”  and to make a difference in any way possible.  Computers are devices that people can use to communicate these concepts with others and initially make a difference in the world. Just by contributing your ideas, you can  better understand others ideas, as well as share your own.

One thought on “Who am I on the Internet?”

  1. Interesting thoughts. I am particularly interested on how you seem to suggest that our work on the web not only reflects what we want others to see as our identity, but can help create identity as well.

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