This website is designed as a portal to our research team’s current and previous studies, to relevant research findings, and to opportunities for students.

Our work is focused on the biobehavioral effects of psychobehavioral interventions and complementary health approaches for women across the lifespan. Through our studies, we are interested in a number of different topics:

  • Internet and mobile-based approaches to enhance wellness during pregnancy and postpartum (see the Mamma Mia study)
  • The experiences of pregnant and postpartum women during the COVID-19 pandemic (see the VCU COPE study)
  • Gene-environment interactions (epigenetics) as related to stress and depression in women and their families (see the PREG+PPD study)
  • Mindful physical activity to enhance wellness during pregnancy (see the Mindful Moms study)
  • Mindfulness for healthcare professionals (see the Mindfulness for HCP study)

Our research is positioned at the intersection of research and clinical care regarding the promotion of positive health behaviors & interventions for mental and physical wellness.

Contact Us:

Dr. Kinser: kinserpa@vcu.edu

Research Coordinator- Sara Moyer: mammamiastudy@vcu.edu