Project Criteria

Participants can choose to document patterns digitally or by hand. Please see below for details regarding submissions of digital or by-hand work and additional notes.

What do we mean by pattern?

  • pattern is being defined as an independent motif or a series of repeated motifs
  • pattern can be defined in many ways and project participants are encouraged to explore 
    • interior or exterior built environments – architecture, hardscaping, furniture, textiles, interior accessories
    • nature – flora, landscapes, fauna 


  • photos 
    • digital images – maximum image size, phone or SLR acceptable
    • film – see “sizes” below if printing images onto photo paper and submitting physical copies
  • drawings by hand 
    • drawing utensil (ink, graphite, etc) and paper type are the participant’s preference
    • see “sizes” below for the range
  • watercolors
    • watercolor type and paper type are the participant’s preference
    • see “sizes” below for the range
  • other (please discuss with core research team)


  • work by hand
    • 5” x 7” (smallest) – 11” x 14” (largest)
    • other sizes can be discussed if the participant sees value in deviating from this size
  • digital work
    • highest resolution possible given the medium


  • addressed envelopes will be mailed to participants in September if participants choose to share their physical documentation
  • all digital project work must be saved to a public cloud (Google Drive) 
    • participants will be provided with links to cloud folders where digital files and pattern documentation (see documentation template) are to be saved by November 15, 2019
    • if participants are creating work by hand, they do not need to scan their work – the research team will do this for them
    • please save digital files with participant’s last name and other helpful identifiers

additional guidelines + notes

  • notes (hand-written or otherwise) are acceptable on the documentation if the participant sees value in adding them
  • identify the pattern # (ie: pattern #1) on the back of the sketch, watercolor, or other means of documentation – please use a pencil so that the identification does not transfer to the front of the sketch 
  • all original work will be returned to participants
  • participation in the project (submission of work) implies consent for future exhibition and/or publication of this body of work – all credit will be appropriately given


Privacy Statement