My hardest week of college thus far

This week by far has been my hardest thus far in college. I had multiple exams, papers, and homeworks due throughout the week. Luckily the week started out slow and ramped up however. I started my week with an astronomy exam on monday. Which was no problem as I am extremely interested in everything that we are learning in class so studying was actually a bit fun for me. After that exam however I had to rush back to my Dorm to start reviewing for a final that I had that night for one of my online classes. Which was all about learning about Microsoft excel and what the program can actually do. After that exam I had to come back and start studying for my calculus exam that was on thursday. I have to start studying for math exams days in advance as math is by far my worst subject. With all this monday was finally over and I went to sleep. Luckily Tuesday classes were easy however what I had to do after classes was not easy. I had two exams that I had to study for I had a Human spirituality exam on Wednesday and then a calc exam on thursday both of these classes I have had trouble with throughout the semester as I can’t grasp onto the topics given. I spent the rest of the day studying for both of these exams. Then come Wednesday I went and took my Human Spirituality exam and then went right back to my dorm to continue studying again for my calc exam. Then come thursday I went to take my calc exam then I walked out the door and I was done. I had nothing else due for the rest of the week I could finally breathe for a minute. Luckily our source play for focused inquiry was due last week because if that was piled on top of what I already had to deal with I don’t know if I would have been able to handle it. The schedule worked out perfectly for focused inquiry so we had our “break week” the exact same week that I had a ton of work due for my other classes. Now I am ready to get back in the swing of things and get started with our Ethical reasoning argument and jump right in head first! I am excited to see where this paper take us!

4 thoughts on “My hardest week of college thus far

  1. I too have had a similar week as the one described. The week before spring break, I had a Biology and Pre-Calculus test and a Chemistry quiz. I was VERY stressed out. Those are the three of my hardest classes. I wanted to receive an A for the three assignments. I spent much of my free time studying. It paid off in the long run. I received an A on both on my test and a C on my quiz. Although I received a C, I was not mad because quizzes are worth less than five percent of the final grade. After the week was over, I felt such a relief off of my shoulders.

  2. I can relate a lot. I have noticed that I had more busy weeks during my spring semester than my fall semester. There have been many weeks where I have felt crushed by the pressure of projects and tests. This leads to me crashing from exhaustion at the end of the week. I am also excited to start this paper, but, more excited to be done with my freshman year. I am glad however that we must work off our unit two project sources. Most of the work is already done, we just need to create our claim and support it. I applaud you by the way for taking those classes. You sound super smart and determined in your blog. Good job!

  3. I had hard weeks like this and it’s pretty degrading to your mental health. But keep in mind as college will push us as students to study. We are the ones that will be able to succeed. As college students we have to able to adapt to different situations. As classes always have different assignment and exams.

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