Daily Art – Week 2, Post 1

A poem about a student I’ve worked with named David.

David lays belly-down on the linoleum, blue
crayon illustrating some small poem
for his third-grade literary magazine

Drawings line his teacher’s apartment —
she lets him scribble on the back of her door in Sharpie
and build dioramas in her living room

Some nights I drive him home in an old Corolla
off of Route 1

I hold his hand when I  walk him to the door
and he’s stiff, and scared
and this is how it is

And I always fantasized about a cottage by the sea,
a one-room schoolhouse, long skirts
to my ankles, bright students, open windows

But we can’t afford that here

So his teacher and I split the cost of pencils for her kids
we read them poems after school and ask them
to read to us

and David rides home with me
silent when he stares out the window
and this isn’t how I dreamt it
but this is how it is

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