Final Project Update

My final project is going to be to make a small poetry book with illustrations. I want to challenge myself more with poetry, so I decided to do a sonnet. Sonnets are really hard for me. I struggle with pretty much anything that places any restrictions on what I can do, and sonnets are very constricting – specific lines, syllables, stanzas. It’s definitely not my favorite way to write, but it’s one I want to get better at. This is my first draft of the sonnet I might use.

Love comes to you with honey-bitten tongue,
His lips and cheekbones so red and rare;
His feet walk softly and silver among
The cobblestones littered in the town square.

And money his fingertips deftly hold
With a voice as sweet as a symphony–
For a penny your heart is bought and sold —
The devil’s kiss feels like epiphany.

God Himself would break apart these old skies
For just a taste of what you now have found:
Skin soft as sin and stormy, clouded eyes
So heavenly you are gladly hell-bound.

But be grateful for love — soon he will leave
And your heart will have memories to grieve.

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