Week 12 Making Activity

For my making activity, my group designed and created a 3D model of a flower for kindergarten SOL K.6 which states that students will understand life cycles and processes and first grade SOL 1.4(b) about knowing the parts of a flower. The model has four parts: flower, stem, leaf, and roots. Printing out a seed is optional to show students where the flower comes from, but the seed can’t connect to the rest of the model.

For the lesson, the students would each be given a part of a flower and told to find groups so that each group has one person with each part – essentially, create however many groups of four out of the students so that they have all the components of a flower. Then they would be allowed to assemble it and try to fit the pieces together. I designed the flower so it’s a lot like a simple puzzle to put together. The only problem I had in printing it was that I inadvertantly made the roots ovular instead of circular, so they don’t fit into the stem perfectly like I had planned. However, this could be fixed with a few simple adjustments.

I think this particular way of teaching a lesson would be effective because it gives students a physical manipulative to help understand the concept. The younger kids are, the more tactile learning is an essential part of their growth. The only problem I forsee with this activity is that the petals of the flower are flimsy and could snap. It also takes a while to print – I was in the lab for about four hours yesterday.

The flower files and videos of it can be found here:


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