Week 1 blog post

How do you think a personal web site, blog, or social media account could be used in your future teaching career? What has been your educational experiences with these technologies previously either as a teacher or a student?

My fifth grade teacher and I follow each other on Instagram. When they tell you about growing up, they don’t mention that you’ll get to see your childhood idols post about crossfit or that they’ll heart the selfie you took at a frat party in Charlottesville. It’s weird.

One of the teachers at my high school turned out to be a lingerie model on the side which some students found out through internet sleuthing, but honestly nothing came of that. She kept working at the school.

I think having a professional Twitter is…neat? I’m not sure how I feel about it. Twitter is generally where I put the stupidest, most nonsense thoughts that crawl across the desert of my brain, so using it for something else feels weird. But I know the fourth and fifth graders are gonna wanna do some detective work on me and maybe having a public account can expose them to whatever good stuff I’m tweeting about.

Another little sidethought: my fifth grade teacher goes by a separate name on her Instagram than the name she teaches with. I could be Ms. Autumn in the classroom and on my public Twitter, and Taylor Petty on my taxes? Something to consider.


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