week 5 making activity

My group decided to focus on SOL Content-Geography 2.7: The student will locate and describe the relationship between the environment and culture of

  1. a) the Powhatan of the Eastern Woodlands;
  2. b) the Lakota of the Plains; and
  3. c) the Pueblo Indians of the Southwest.

Some misconceptions the students could have: all Native Americans lived like Pocahontas in the movie Pocahontas, all Native Americans are gone now, the colonizers were nice to the Native Americans, all the Native Americans lived in the same place, etc etc etc….

We will address these misconceptions by learning about the Powhatan, Lakota, and Pueblo Native Americans, specifically their homes and physical environments.

The students will use Tinkercad to design the three types of homes these Native Americans had (tipis, wigwams, and pueblos).

They will then create a multimodel project by 3d printing the homes and creating a diorama. Around the homes they will color in the type of environment they lived in and what sorts of animals they interacted with.

TPK- Students use 3d imagery software and printing technology to  visualize their knowledge.

TCK- Students will have to design their homes based off of what they have learned about the actual homes. They will also the use paper and markers to design a map showing the regions where Native Americans live and place their printed homes in the correct region.

PCK- Because students get to print their own set of homes and maps, they are personalized and can be kept forever.

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