week 10

USI.5      The student will apply social science skills to understand the factors that shaped colonial America by

  1. a)   describing the religious and economic events and conditions that led to the colonization of America;
  2. b)   describing life in the New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Southern colonies, with emphasis on how people interacted with their environment to produce goods and services;
  3. c)   describing specialization of and interdependence among New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Southern colonies;
  4. d)   describing colonial life in America from the perspectives of large landowners, farmers, artisans, merchants, women, free African Americans, indentured servants, and enslaved African Americans; and
  5. e)   explaining the political and economic relationships between the colonies and Great Britain.

Revolution and the New Nation: 1770s to the Early 1800s

USI.6      The student will apply social science skills to understand the causes and results of the American Revolution by

  1. a)   explaining the issues of dissatisfaction that led to the American Revolution;
  2. b)   describing how political ideas shaped the revolutionary movement in America and led to the Declaration of Independence;
  3. c)   describing key events and the roles of key individuals in the American Revolution, with emphasis on George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and the Marquis de Lafayette; and
  4. d)      explaining reasons why the colonies were able to defeat Great Britain.


Given a set of nonfiction informational texts, the students will be able to research and synthesize information to create an accurate 15-second skit on the app TikTok about the American Revolution.


TECH: TikTok


PEDAGOGY: independent research, small group learning


CONTENT: American revolution causes and results  bab-yyyy


TPK- The technology relates to the pedagogy because the students have to research their topic for the information that they need to put in their TikTok

TCK- The technology is related to the content because if they don’t know and understand the content, they don’t have anything to put into their TikTok

PCK- The pedagogy relates to the content because the students will do independent and group research using nonfiction texts within the classroom


Assessment: Students will be given a rubric that scores from 1-3 (1 being unsatisfactory, 2 being partially satisfactory, and 3 being satisfactory) for each category. The categories include:

  • Planning
  • Participation
  • Final product

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