Week 4 Blog Post

Describe an instructional activity you could do using the 3d printer and/or Tinkercad software. How would you include the four principles in this weeks reading in your activity? What VA Computer and technology SOLs would be addressed?

My activity in a classroom would be to have the students create any kind of building.


The students have the complete freedom to choose what kind of building they want to make — a gazebo, a house, an airplane hangar, maybe a cave (if they can figure out how)…


LOTS of attempts. The students will fail and we all have to know, accept, and even be excited about it, because failing means you learned something new. So they will try, and not succeed, and try again. They will have a lot of time to create as many different versions as they need.


The students will be encouraged to collaborate with one another on the creations and help each other come up with solutions to design problems they encounter. At the end of the project, students will do a gallery walk around the classroom so they can see each other’s architectural innovations.


Students will be in charge of their own design process and be held responsible for their failures and successes. They will be given freedom to be inventive but they are also responsible for being productive. They will be self-directed.

This addresses VA SOL C/T 3-5.1: Demonstrate an operational knowledge of various technologies.

  • Use various types of technology devices to perform learning tasks.
  • Use a keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, touchpad, and other input devices to interact with a computer.
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform a wide variety of basic tasks using technology, including saving, editing, printing, viewing, and graphing.
  • Communicate about technology with appropriate terminology.
  • Use basic technology vocabulary in daily practice.

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