final presentation!!!

Ignite Presentation- Reglar Slides- Worked on with Emily Blocker

week 11 blog post The activity on the website is augmentation because the students are interacting with technology in a way different from just a traditional worksheet. The exit ticket is substitution because it is a regular type of worksheet but done online. The website could be brought up to redefinition if the students were doing activities more… Read More week 11 blog post

week 7 blog post

join code: chzrl5 SOL Science 3.9 The student will investigate and understand the water cycle and its relationship to life on Earth. Key concepts include a)   there are many sources of water on Earth; b)   the energy from the sun drives the water cycle; c)   the water cycle involves several processes; d)   water is essential… Read More week 7 blog post

Week 4 Blog Post

Describe an instructional activity you could do using the 3d printer and/or Tinkercad software. How would you include the four principles in this weeks reading in your activity? What VA Computer and technology SOLs would be addressed? My activity in a classroom would be to have the students create any kind of building. Creation The… Read More Week 4 Blog Post

week 10

USI.5      The student will apply social science skills to understand the factors that shaped colonial America by a)   describing the religious and economic events and conditions that led to the colonization of America; b)   describing life in the New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Southern colonies, with emphasis on how people interacted with their environment to… Read More week 10

Week 3 Blog Post

My group designed a lesson for SOL 3.6: “The student will develop map skills by using globes and maps.” We focused on the first standard of this SOL instead of trying to create a lesson plan for developing a complete understanding of all the continents. The content of this SOL is fairly broad. We want… Read More Week 3 Blog Post