Reflecting on the UCI experience

To start out on the honest foot, I will admit as the bike race came closer and I wanted to run and get out of the city. Looking back I am so grateful I signed up for this class which forced me to stay in the city. I found the race to be amazing and I am so happy I stayed to witness something that may very well be a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience.

I just transferred to VCU from JMU so at the time of the race and really now, I’m still in a huge transition period coming from a school so vastly different. With that being said the idea of adding 4,500 extra people to a city I was still getting used to was a scary thought to me.

This class really opened my eyes to what the bike race had to offer in regards to opportunity and life experience. Just the simple task of having to tweet for this class got me more involved than I had planned on being. However the greatest benefit from the bike race came in the form of being published.

We all got the email from Rob Crocker asking for help, which would in turn have to possibility to benefit us as well. So I followed up with him and he simply told me to cover the Elite Women’s Time Trial race. With no direction or indication as to what they were looking for, I just went into it trying to find some angle between sports and human interest. When I sent my final article to Crocker I figured I’d get an email back saying good work, here’s some pointers for next time or see an edit of my article that looked nothing like mine.

As I was scrolling through tweets to find some fellow classmates tweets to retweet (I hate how many times tweet is in this sentence), I saw a picture I submitted as the cover photo for a channel 8 story. My initial reaction was “Wow they used my photo, that’s awesome.” I started to read the article and was astonished that I was reading my own words, hardly changed from what I had originally submitted, with my name in the byline section.

I was and still am on cloud nine about it all, mainly because as an aspiring journalist getting published is a huge reassurement that I’m in the right field. Also that transferring to VCU was the right decision which I question a lot because I left so much behind.

Overall I’m thrilled I got involved and embraced the bike race not just for assignments but outside of class work. It was an amazing event that I’m happy I can say I was apart of.


2 thoughts on “Reflecting on the UCI experience

  1. Glad you ended up enjoying this class and the bike race! I hope most of Richmond felt the way you did. I know a lot of people were dreading the thing (of course there were some pitfalls, such as road closings) but overall I think it was a cool thing for Richmond and our class to experience.

  2. I’m so excited that you’ve chosen to call RIchmond your home for the time being- I’ve been here my whole life and I think VCU is a wonderful place to get an education. I’m really happy you’ve joined us. My only issue (journalism pun intended) with what you’ve said is that you called yourself an ‘aspiring journalist’- my problem is that you’re a journalist. Someone I look up to once said “If you’re doing that shit every day, that’s what you are… just own it.”
    Part of this race was you going out, writing and reporting. Own it, cause if it’s half as good as your writing on this blog post you’ve got it.

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