Multimodal Projects

Something that I learned from listening to my classmates topics for their multimodal projects is that Kobe Bryant was the first freshman to make varsity at his high school in the school’s history. This is surprising to me because it seems that just by chance there would be a really good freshman that makes varsity at some point before he did. Another thing I learned is that Jackie Chan was supposed to take over Bruce Lee’s role. I had always thought that they were complements not substitutes. Something that I learned from mine is that FDR said the quote “A date which will live in infamy…” If I could go back and do this project again, I would chose something that I knew much less about so that I could learn more while doing my research than I did with the topic I had chose.

Radioactive Relevance

The book Radioactive has relevance to today in the aspect that science is ever rowing and discoveries are continuous. Marie Curie discovered many different elements and who knows how many more may be discovered. Also, it is relevant to the fact that it shows how women can prove people wrong by being a huge factor in fields that have typically been dominated by men.

Unit 2 Essays + Readings

-Andre telling us that the deep web does more than he thought, it did more than I thought too.

-Max telling us about the price differences in health care.

-Pedro telling us that bull fighting is the main sport in Peru.

-“Why women aren’t allowed on the internet?”

-The one about feminism changing medicine.

I would want to do more research on the way feminism is changing medicine because it is a very interesting and groundbreaking idea. For example, the ideas of medicine as a whole could change with the additions of women into the medical field.

Reflection of Just Mercy

Reading Just Mercy over the summer and during the first semester of my freshman of college has been a valued start to my college career. I valued the book VCU chose for us to read because it’s contents are about the legal system and my dream is to become a lawyer. Reading this book gives me even more motivation to become a lawyer and now I have motivation to attempt to make changes in society such as Bryan Stevenson did.