“Analyzing the Obvious”

When I read how to find “obvious” topics for my hypothesis and I literally didn’t know what to search. I went on Google and typed in “obvious facts” and I didn’t find one that I thought was silly enough so I randomly typed ” why is the moon white?” in my search bar. My search bar stated that it only appears white because it looks that way from the sun reflecting right behind it. The moon is actually gray, which I thought it was only tinted gray but not all of its surface.


I wanted to see for myself how true this was so I saw a blog about the Apollo 16 and found this image above of Charlie Duke and a rover. As you can see the moon looks dusty and gray and the rocks contain many minerals. The rocks we see from earth are actually volcanic and that were extruded from the inner core of the moon. What really mattered was the actual distance between our eyes and the surface of the moon because I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.

I then found an article about colors of the moon. It turns out, our eyes partially block our view through wavelengths of light. Other light is shown directly through the atmosphere. The light only lets us see certain colors from a far distance. So our eyes are really playing tricks on us? Well, when the moon is low in the sky it shows more spectrums of red and orange tint because the light is going through the atmosphere. When the moon is farther away from the atmosphere the red spectrum goes away and the blue and yellow spectrum becomes stronger. As well as during the day there is more sunlight on the moon so all of its colors are scattered away, therefore it appears white.



So the moon is seen differently based on the distance of the atmosphere. I then looked to see more of the relationship between the earth and the moon. There has to be more to it because of its reflection. The moons reflection is actually brighter than worn asphalt. This is also due to the opposition effect which is defined as the brightening of a surface illuminated by an object behind it. We see a bright object in the sky because everything around this object is pitch black.


I found this picture above of a “true” picture of the moon since we can see it in different ways. People see the moon differently all the time because of the solar system orbit. I’ve seen many images of the moon and when an astronaut is on the moon they see its true color through its gray dust. Any reflection of an object is seen differently based on how much light is given and how far away it is. Thanks to the internet I was able to find many different sources through articles and images.


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