Augmenting Human Intellect

Mental structuring is what we call the internal organization of conscious and unconscious mental images, associations, or concepts (or whatever it is that is organized within the human mind) that somehow manages to provide the human with understanding and the basis for such as judgment, intuition, inference, and meaningful action with respect to his environment. There is a term used in psychology, cognitive structure, which so far seems to represent just what we want for our concept of mental structure, but we will not adopt it until we become more sure of what the accepted psychological meaning is and of what we want for our conceptual framework.”

In the report “Augmenting Human Intellect” by Engelhart, he wants to increase the capability of the human mind through complex situations. Though we need to have a physical and mental structure in order to achieve this capability. This section made me think of people who have cognitive dysfunction disorders because 18.2% of Americans have a mental disorder. Specifically, I believe that lack of sleep can cause mental dysfunction especially in college students. Studies are being done to see if better sleep can improve mental health. I know from personal experience because I cannot retain and process information better if I don’t get a full seven hours of sleep. I have crammed for exams by staying up till 8am and not being able to remember all the information I learned for the exam. Other disorders like bipolar, anxiety, schizophrenia, and depression cause people to behave a certain way that disrupts their mental process. Just from lack of sleep itself can trigger other disorders like depression and anxiety. By the time I went in to take my exam that I stayed up all night for my anxiety level sky rocketed. I was unable to answer all the questions properly because I felt very nervous. Some of these disorders may be biological and others gain these disorders from past and current experiences. It is important to know that this can happen to anyone and people can develop more than one mental illness.

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