Mind Blowing


I went on The New York Times website and found an article that talked about how a person can take an eye exam right from a smart phone or laptop that has a camera. Apparently there is a site called Opternative where you can take an eye refractive exam and get a prescription for contact lenses or glasses.

The way the exam works is you first start off standing 10 feet away from your computer and then a D.I.Y. test takes you through many visual tests like covering your eye and viewing shapes and patterns. The exam has audio, videos, and multiple questions to answer right from your computer. The exam takes about 25 minutes and requires your medical and eye history.

At the end you submit your exam you just have wait to hear back from a ophthalmologist to review it. Sometimes they will go ahead write a prescription and others will ask you to see a doctor if there is an error in the exam.

I find it mind blowing that you can have a digital eye prescription in 24 hours right in the setting of your home. I think that eventually many doctors will create exams online if this website becomes popular. It is currently only available in 30 states so far but eventually this will increase.



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