Progress Report

Throughout this course I definitely feel like I have improved my writing skills. I was confused first on how to create a blog and how to organize concept experiences and associative trails. After I got the hang of writing these posts and viewing my peers posts I finally think I got this!! I have struggled to turn in my work on time but I now understand how to manage my time wisely and not cram all my posts in the last minute. For the project I’m leaning towards the topic of oversharing on social media or specifically on Facebook but I am not quite sure if I should. I want it to focus on how oversharing lacks privacy in a person’s life. I’m definitely going to focus more on connecting with my peers for this project and other nuggets. I found that Melanie and I have similar ideas about the influences of social media. I found that Tiera has some good points about how people are so self absorbed with their phones. I can definitely see myself writing about the negative effects of oversharing and how it connects to people being absorbed in to technology.

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