New Blog!

So I’ve been looking at new layouts and honestly, I am new to this stuff. I’ve already changed my blog once before when I started this course but I thought my site needed some touch-ups.  I might change the header color later some a color that I like but for now I think it works for me.

I wanted to create a blog that shows my personalty so I upload a picture of me in Crabtree Falls. I find that this place is where I feel most at peace. Since I live in a city I always love finding places to get away so I find that hiking up in the mountains is the perfect place for me to go. Hiking also helps me relieve all the stress that school gives me since I am a pre-nursing student.

I want my site to feel inviting for others yet simple. I don’t want it to look difficult to get around my blog.

3 thoughts on “New Blog!

  1. That’s a great picture, Emely, and it works really nicely in that space within this particular theme you’re using.

    If I’m not mistaken, this theme allows you to use a different image for each post. I could be wrong, but it might be worth looking into. It’d be really powerful to have a featured image that represents and augments (there’s Engelbart’s term, again) the narrative of your posts.

  2. I love the picture and the layout of your blog! I love being outdoors and going hiking or just sitting out at a river. Being out in nature is so peaceful, like the beach. Your blog is very inviting!!

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