Personal Dynamic Media

“Second, the kids love it! The interactive nature of the dialogue, the fact that they are in control, the feeling that they are doing real things rather than playing with toys or working out “assigned” problems, the pictorial and auditory nature of their results, all contribute to a tremendous sense of accomplishment to their experience. Their attention spans are measured in hours rather than minutes.”

This part of the article from Personal Dynamic Media by Alan Kay and Adele Goldberg really stood out to me because it is similar to my topic for the inquiry project. My topic focuses on how the connection people have with social media and technology in today’s digital world and this part of the article explains how children are connected to technology. I found an article on how Toddlers are becoming addicted to using an IPad because parents are giving them access to using the device. Parents are becoming responsible for giving their children handheld devices as coping device like a pacifier. Many children are facing conditions that prevent them from forming normal social interactions with others and withdrawal symptoms if the device were to be taken away from them. The connection I made between children and using a complex device is that they become consumed in games and videos on the device and they become too distracted to do other activities that doesn’t involve these devices. The sense that children have control of a device can lean them in to using it so often to the point that they will not do anything else.


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