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“The uses and gratifications approach assumes that social and psychological motivations may cause people to turn to media for companionship and other gratifications. In this respect, the audience is often attempting to satisfy certain social and psychological needs such as surveillance, information-seeking, entertainment, personal identity, or companionship (Dimmick, Sikand, & Patterson, 1994; Rubin, 1983).”

The study I chose for my inquiry project is “Predicting Internet risks: a longitudinal panel study of gratifications-sought, Internet addiction symptoms, and social media use among children and adolescents” by Louis Leung.

This article intrigued me because it mainly focuses on adolescents and children with their  motive to over-use social media. At an early age I’ve seen parents give their children from the time they are toddlers IPads because it gives them a way to stay busy. I think this is a huge issue in today’s society because I believe that if children are given a device at an early age it can progressively lead to an addiction or dependence on the device. Also children are opening up a whole other world when it comes to being on the internet at a young age. The internet risk they are open to are internet harassment, privacy exposure, pornographic and violent content. Unless a parent puts parental control on devices for their children, they are open to see anything on the internet. This study focuses on the risks with the internet if children are using internet over a long time period.

It is similar to the last study but it focuses on a different group of people. This study is mainly focusing on the motives while the other study I chose as my first nugget focuses on the outcomes from a central psychological trait a person may have. I found that addiction is originally to be based on a physical dependence but now in recent studies it should be based on a behavioral patterns like cell phone additions.


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