Finalizing My Dream

After I was able to map out how the articles connected I was able to better understand how different articles connected through a central theme. Though it took me a while to figure out a central theme because it took time for me to find smaller themes within a big theme with two different articles.

The central theme to my map was human interaction with computers and from there I chose smaller themes like control/power, creativity, communication expansion, and impacts on society.

I liked the way Tiera Leos made her map because she was able to piece together her map perfectly all leading to her central theme. She had a lot to say about how each theme and every article she chose connected to “access to all” and she knew exactly what she was doing with her three articles. We both had a similar theme over communication expansion  and how Golberg and Kay explained how “human interaction with their media has been primarily  nonconversational.”

Kelsey had a lot to say about how her map was pieced to “Technology and Its Effects On Humans and All Around Development.” The comparison between her map and my map is the interaction with these devices with humans is similar. In ways we are expanding communication with computers as well as creativity and advancements.

Thien chose her main theme as power which was similar to one of my sub-themes which was control/power. Her map stood out to me because the sub-theme of hardware was something I didn’t really think of when I was making my map. I like the way she talked about how each of the systems the articles stated had similar thoughts on hardware and how a complex devices can store data on something that doesn’t take up a lot of space. as well as it being reliable.

Madeleine focused on how her central theme was linked up to the “Dependence On Computers.” One of her sub-themes about “Becoming Computers” is similar to my central theme on human interaction with computers. I didn’t think about how humans and computers and their similarity of performing a task similarly so that really stood out to me.

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