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So my main focus is on cell phone addiction along with the use of social media and I want to find out if it is an actual problem (psychological issue) in today’s society so I found a study about the correlation between personality and cell phone addiction.

“This heavy investment of time interacting with a cell phone may be related to college students’ academic performance. Junco and Cotten (2012) found that using technology while studying was inversely associated with GPA. Lepp, Barkley, and Karpinski (2014)also found a negative relationship between college students’ cell phone use and GPA.”

The study that I chose was ” I need my smartphone: A Hierarchical model of personality and cell-phone addiction” by James A Robert, Chris Pullig, and Chris Manolis.

I agree with what the authors of this study were trying to say about how college students may have a lower GPA with the over-use of cell phones. I believe that when students are trying to get their work done they can easily become distracted with social media and their devices for hours and eventually forget about their school work. Usually if a person has a strong personality trait like extroversion or if a person has emotional instability then I believe that many of them will use their phone as a coping mechanism or a place to relive their stress and anxiety.

The article further explains the roles of impulsiveness on cell phones, the effects and the actual study they did on over 1000 college students. The article goes in depth how certain personalty traits will result in different ways a person can have a cell phone addiction which I think will benefit me for writing my essay.

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  1. this subject is pretty interesting because it effects a lot of society today. There are definitely a lot of sources that you can find on this subject, for example how long people spend looking down at their phones a day.

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