Cut the cord!

  • Parents are increasingly providing financial support for their adult children who are no longer in school
  • 50% of parents who provide for their children are responsible for paying their for their housing
  • Extremely commong for college graduates to say that they live at home with their parents
  • Dependence could hinder a student’s ability to learn how to be able to provide for themselves
  • Parents are having to sacrifice things such as privacy and taking additional debt

Don’t let this happen to yourself!

A higher degree would allow an individual to become more independent simply by the fact that with a better job and higher salary, this individual would be able to cut the financial dependence cord between himself or herself and the parents. Pursuing a master’s degree is the first step towards financial independence.

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  1. Hi Prateek! I really enjoyed the set up of this blog. I particularly enjoyed this post because it was one that was relevant to my life. My parents provide financial support for my education as well as my housing, so I understand the point you are trying to make by presenting those facts. That is part of the reason that I have declared a double-major in business and public relations, to have two degrees and gain a higher salary. Your presentation of this website is simple yet very appealing. Similarly to you, I posted facts and then an image to represent those ideas. You’ve kept it neat, simple, and conveyed your point of views very well through factual information.

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