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The slideshow presentations below give an overview of how to register for classes and how to use Schedule Planner through eServices. As you prepare for registration, you can also use a Registration Worksheet to make your planning process easier!




Need an Override?

An override allows a student to bypass class size, major restrictions and time conflicts and is given at the department's discretion. You need an override if you are trying to register for a class but you receive an error and know you are eligible to take it or are trying to register for a class but it's full. How do you request an override? The policy is determined by the department teaching the course. You should always try to register for courses first, but if you have a hold on your account or receive an error, fill out the override request sooner versus later. Don't wait too late!
Override Guide

Biology overrides:

Criminal Justice Overrides:

Music  overrides: 


Download the Registration Presentations:

Registration 101

Schedule Planner for Pre-Health Majors

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