Common Building Codes

You can find your student schedule in two places:

  • > eServices > Student > Registration > Week at a glance
  • > eServices > Student > Registration > Student Detail Schedule

In your student schedule for the semester, the building names are abbreviated. Use this to find out what it means and where they’re located.

Abbreviation Building Name & Location
500AC 500 Academic Centre
701WG  701 West Grace
BOWE5 Bowe St. Parking Deck
BUSNS Business Building
CABEL Cabell Library
HHALL Harris Hall
HIBBS Hibbs Building
LFSCB Trani Life Science Building
MCALC Academic Learning Commons
ONLNE Course taught online (check Blackboard!)
OFCMP Off-Campus (Email the professor)
OLVED Oliver Hall – Education (across the street from 7-11)
OLVPH Oliver Hall – Physical Science (across the street from Harris hall)
TEMPL Temple Building

For a full list, see here.

In this example, the classroom is in Hibbs Building on the fourth floor (the first digit of the room number usually indicates the floor).
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